Craft Brewery, York | The Hop Studio
  • Original British Craft Beer -
    Brewed in Yorkshire
  • Original British Craft Beer -
    Brewed in Yorkshire
  • Original British Craft Beer -
    Brewed in Yorkshire
  • Original British Craft Beer -
    Brewed in Yorkshire
  • Original British Craft Beer -
    Brewed in Yorkshire
  • Original British Craft Beer -
    Brewed in Yorkshire
  • Original British Craft Beer -
    Brewed in Yorkshire

About Us

We founded The Hop Studio in 2012 with a simple mission to brew great beer. We love beer. We hate rules. We don’t mandate facial hair. We brew small batches of artisanal beer. We like our beers to be full of flavour, aroma and charisma. Our beers can be loud and shouty, they can be subtle, outrageous or exotic. Some people call it Craft Beer... We call it Original British Craft Beer.

We make beers that can quench your thirst, enrich what you eat, surprise you, entice you and lose you in a world of flavour. Our beers are accessible and like great wine there is far more than first meets the eye. Come with us on our journey. Discover, share, enjoy, and learn with us.

The Hop Studio is;
Dave Shaw Founder, Brewer, Head cook and bottle washer @hopstudiodave
Mat Breslin Head Brewer and Beer Geek @hopstudiomat
Richard Mellen Washer, Racker, Stacker, Driver, Commissaire extraordinaire
Dawn Shaw Looks after the money, the voice of reason

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Meet The Hop Studio

Our Beers

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365:Beers for everyday - Beers to excite and delight all day, everyday.

El Dorado
El Dorado  ABV 3.5%

Single Hop Blonde Ale

Available in: Cask - Alternates with Passion

The same extra pale grist as our original blonde. Triple hopped with El Dorado to give clean fruit flavours and floral aromas. Hint’s of pear and stonefruit - almost tropical!

York  ABV 3.8%

Quaffing Ale

Available in: Cask

A superbly drinkable session Ale. Complex malt flavours underpin beautifully blackberry and orange flavours. There’s a hint of tangerine in the aroma. It’s a belter.

XP  ABV 4.0%

Extra Pale Ale

Available in: Cask

Combines balanced light citrus fruit and hop flavours, with an intense creamy bitter finish. Won best standard bitter 2012 and best 4.0 – 4.4% 2014 at York Beer festival.

Pilsner  ABV 4.0%

Fine English Lager

Available in: Keg, Bottle

This is what lager should be! A clean crisp taste of creamy malt and strong herbal aromas with a dry hoppy finish that’s not too bitter. Perfect!

Pariah  ABV 4.3%

Pale Rye Ale

Available in: Keg

Pale Rye Ale! Big, bold, pine and orange hop notes. Good body with rye characteristics. Pine and spice linger into the finish.

Porter  ABV 4.3%

Dark, Smooth & Silky

Available in: Cask, Bottle

A dark and sensual vanilla conditioned ale. Intense chocolate malt and berry flavours - We won a SIBA silver award with this beauty in 2013 and 2014.

Gold  ABV 4.5%

Contemporary Fine Ale

Available in: Cask, Bottle

A full flavoured easy drinking contemporary fine ale, with soft rounded bitterness and citrus and tropical fruit flavours as a counterpoint.

Obsidian  ABV 5.0%

Black India Ale

Available in: Cask

A well-structured black IPA with notes of grapefruit, balanced by powerful pine scent hops. Dark but unexpectedly refreshing. 'Best Regional Beer' in RateBeer 2014.

XS  ABV 5.5%

Extra Special

Available in: Cask, Bottle

Strong and complex, this ale is driven by its slight spicy dark fruit base. Malted bitterness with hints of floral and citrus aromatics adds a great depth to this ale.

Premiant  ABV 6.1%


Available in: Keg

Spicy yeasty Saison that drinks well for its strength. Cloves and Belgian style yeast esters dominate with subtle red fruit flavours from the hops.

Avenoir  ABV 6.5%

Decadent Oatmeal Stout

Available in: Keg

A rich and velvety oatmeal stout. Huge chocolate, coffee and oat hit. More subtlety in the blackcurrant and cherry flavours from American & British hops.


India Pale Ale

Available in: Cask (keg, can and bottles to follow later in 2015)

Clean malty base topped with an explosion of grapefruit and tropical fruit flavours. Big aroma.

Citra  ABV 7.0%

Single Hop Pale Ale

Available in: Keg

Hoppy, and aromatic. Juicy citrus, passion fruit and mango flavours. Very drinkable for the strength.

A time and a place - Beers brewed to suit the mood of the season, to celebrate an event or because it seemed like a good idea at the time.

Poppy  ABV 4.0%

Lest We Forget

Available October 20th to 11th November

Our charity beer for the poppy appeal. A well balanced ruby red bitter with a strong but not overpowering hop presence. We give 5p to the Poppy Appeal from every pint.

Beerjolais  ABV 3.8%

Green Hop Ale

Available Late September

A green hop ale with a delicate fresh fragrance. Brewed with fresh hops from the first of the years hop harvest. Best drunk when it’s fresh.

Zest  ABV 4.5%

Lemon Infused Wheat Ale

Available June and July

A lemon infused wheat beer. Gorgeous zesty citrus notes in the aroma and flavour. Cloudy and remarkably refreshing.

Dark Rose
Dark Rose  ABV 3.5%

Mild Ale

Available April May

A dark ruby VERY easy drinking mild ale. Malty with blackcurrant flavours.

Noel  ABV 4.5%

There is Noel in Christmas

Available December

Subtle spicing lifts this beautifully aromatic chestnut coloured winter ale – it goes with just about anything Christmassy.

Passion  ABV 3.5%

Pale Ale

Available in: Cask - Alternates with El Dorado

A deliciously tropical very pale blonde beer. The same grist as blonde. Citra, Galaxy and Chinook deliver grapefruit, mango and passion fruit flavours.

Fire & Ice
Fire & Ice  ABV 5.0%

Pale Winter Ale

Available December to February

The Antidote to Dark Winter Ales. Exceptionally pale, full bodied, full of berry and dark fruit flavours. A hint of vanilla.

Raisin D'etre
Raisin D'etre  ABV 4.1%

Raisin Mild

A modern twist on the mild ale theme. Five Malts give a rich malty flavour and a dark ruby colour. Brewed with Bramlings Cross hops and Raisins for a luscious deep fruity flavour.

Beyond the pale - Well-made interpretations of less mainstream beer styles or more adventurous flights of fancy with unusual or exotic ingredients, methods and style.

[Coming Soon]

In wood - A list of the guilty pleasures ageing in wood in the cellar.

[The Cellar is Currently Empty]

Exclusive - Unique beers brewed in collaboration with:

1884 Dock Street Kitchen

A full range of bottled cask and keg beers brewed for 1884 Dock Street Kitchen.

Beer 52

An exclusive range brewed for the UK’s No 1 craft beer club.

[Coming Soon]

Prototypes - Experimental beers.

Prototype #1
Prototype #1  ABV 4.3%

Dark and Hoppy

An almost black ale with a citrusy floral aroma. The taste develops into citrus, herbal and chocolate flavours with a clean finish.

Archive - A few from the archives!

Blonde  ABV 3.5%

Light, Crisp and Cool

A cracking citrus and gooseberry driven pale blonde session ale. Our best selling beer. Retired from active service until we can get some Nelson Sauvin Hop. Hopefully it will return in some way shape or form in autumn 2015.

White Rose
White Rose  ABV 3.8%

August Yorkshire Ale

Originally brewed for Yorkshire day at the Three Legged Mare this beer went on to become XP and win awards in 2012 and 2014.

Summer XS
Summer XS  ABV 4.4%

A Lighter Strong Beer

A beautifully cocked up gyle of XS. It went down a storm too.

Spooks  ABV 4.5%

Dark Scary Porter

First brewed for Halloween 2012 Spooks is the first outing of our award winning Porter.

Sparks  ABV 4.4%

A Fiery Ginger Beast

A ginger and chinook concoction livened up with some fresh ginger in the cask. Originally brewed for Bonfire Night in 2012 it was quite a fiery ginger little beast.

Brew 100
Brew 100  ABV 5.1%

A Citra Celebration

Our first adventure with Citra. Quite a nice little Autumn number.

Cold Turkey
Cold Turkey  ABV 4.0%

Better Than Giving Up

A prototype of the transition from White Rose to XP. Brewed for New Years Day 2013.

Hop To Trot
Hop To Trot  ABV 4.7%

Spicy Hoppy Saison Ale

A nice fruity little Saison. Brewed in collaboration with our friends at

Vindhya  ABV 6.0%

Strong Pale Ale

Available in: Cask

A more American style IPA, full of powerful hops with a bitter sweet finish that makes Vindhya almost too easy to drink.

Where to Buy

Many independent beer and bottle shops stock our beers and all our regular beers can be bought online, see below for further details.


In York:

The Hop Studio Ltd
3 Handley Park, Elvington York YO41 4AR

We are open Monday - Friday (9.00 - 6.00) and most Saturday mornings from 10.00

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York Beer and Wine

The House of Trembling Madness

Elvington Village
Store 21 Main street, Elvington York YO41 4HG


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Trade cask, keg and bottle

We deliver cask, keg and bottles direct to our trade customers in Yorkshire twice a week. We can send cases of bottles anywhere in the UK.

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We export KeyKegs and bottles worldwide.

We work very closely with our distributor partners to get our beers to the places we can’t reach. Give them a call, they’re all lovely helpful people.

London and the South East:

Pigs Ears Beer Ltd
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Phone: 01306 627779

North East and Edinburgh:

Cask Wholesale
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East Anglia:

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